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Cooking Class



If international travel isn't in your plans right now, you can still enjoy a Goût et Voyage "Taste of" France, Italy, Spain or Portugal experience with our private, virtual, hands-on cooking classes. Why not feel like you are on the sunny Mediterranean for a few hours? You'll cook "live" (via Zoom) with a local chef and prepare regional specialities with a small group of fellow "cooks." Prior to each class, you'll receive recipes, a list of ingredients, suggested wine pairings and the kitchen equipment to have on hand. Just like our Goût et Voyage trips, class size is limited to allow for individual interaction with the chef and Q & A. Check calendar often for new classes!


A "Taste of Spain"- April 3, 2022

$60.00 per person.

Artichoke Spread

A "Taste of Provence"-Feb.6, 2022

$60.00 per person.


A "Taste of Italy"- March 6, 2022

$60.00 per person.

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